Top 5 Best Oil For Ford Escape

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

The Valvoline Advanced is a full synthetic motor oil with SAE 5W-20 viscosity which is the approved viscosity for the Ford Escape.

This motor oil provides great lubrication to the engine and it’s components thus preventing premature wear. This motor oil is also recommended for vehicles with over 75,000 miles. The Valvoline motor oil provides advanced protection for hardworking Ford vehicles that are used for hauling, towing, stop and go driving, and driven in extreme temperatures.

With the full synthetic formula, the Valvoline SAE 5W-20 provides protection for exceptional high and low temperatures.

The extra detergents that can be found in the motor oil help fight sludge and deposits.

With the superior antioxidants, this motor oil prevents the oil from breaking own in extreme conditions. Additional product benefits include:

Did you know that changing the engine oil on time and using the correct Ford Escape oil type can increase the fuel economy by 2%? Now 2% might seem like not much but with today’s prices it adds up at the end of the year.

If you are not a mechanic or have little knowledge about cars, it can be pretty tough to choose the best engine oil for your ford escape. That’s why I will share my 10-year knowledge as a mechanic with you and will help you purchase the best engine oil for your Ford Escape.

Without any further due, here are the top 5 best oil for Ford Escape:


Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

Castrol GTX Magnatec SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Tech SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Extended Performance SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

Quaker State 5W-20 Motor Oil

What Kind of Oil Does a Ford Escape Take?

The recommended Ford Escape oil type for the 2001-2021 version of the car is a motor oil with viscosity of SAE 5W-20 for the newer engines and a high mileage SAE 5W-20 with MaxLife technology for engines with more than 75,000 miles.

You should always choose the best motor oil for your Ford Escape. That’s why I always recommend that you use an engine oil that meets the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification or International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) certification and SAE viscosity standard.

Ford does not recommend the use of oil additives because it is not necessary if you change your engine oil on time.

Castrol GTX MAGNATEC 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Ford Escape Oil Capacity

The oil capacity of a Ford Escape 1.5L engine is 4.3 quarts. 

2.0L and the 2.5L Ford Escape engine has the oil capacity of 5.7 quarts (with filter change).

3.0L Ford Escape engine has the oil capacity of 6 quarts.

3.0L V6 Ford Escape engine has the oil capacity of 5.5 quarts.

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Recommended Motor Oil for Ford Escape By Mileage



Best Oil for Ford Escape

1. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

2. Castrol GTX MAGNATEC SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

3. Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Tech SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

4. Mobil 1 Extended Performance SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil.

5. Quaker State Synthetic Blend 5W-20 Motor Oil

Top 5 Best Engine Oil For Ford Escape

Valvoline is a well known name in the motor oil production industry. With over 150 years under it’s belt, I can say for sure that this company manufactures high quality motor oils. The Valvoline Advanced is a Full Synthetic motor oil with the SAE 5W-20 viscosity which is the recommended viscosity for new and used Ford Escape vehicles. This motor oil provides 50% more wear protection than the industry standard requirements and it is proven with the Sequence IVA wear test. There are extra detergents included in the motor oil that helps fight sludge and deposits which can damage the engine and it’s components. This particular motor oil has superior antioxidants which prevents the oil to break down during extreme conditions.


The Castrol GTX MAGNATEC is a motor oil with SAE 5W-20 viscosity which makes it perfect for your Ford Escape. This type of motor oil dramatically reduces engine wear by providing extra lubrication to the engine components. It makes it perfect for vehicles that are driven in heavy traffic, short trips and extreme temperatures. The Castrol GTX adds a layer of protection during warm-up and beyond.


The Valvoline High Mileage is a motor oil with Maxlife Technology that makes it a number one choice for Ford Escape with high mileage. It is a motor oil with SAE 5W-20 viscosity. This motor oil has enhanced anti-wear additives that deliver a thich and durable layer of anti-wear film which prevents engine breakdown. The added detergents help protect the engine components from sludge and deposits. Because it is used for high mileage engines, this motor oils provides premium seal conditioners that prevents and treats leaks.


The Mobil 1 Extended Performance is a full synthetic motor oil with SAE 5W-20 viscosity. This motor oil protects the engine for up to 20,000 miles and it is guaranteed by the company. Even though I wouldn’t wait that long to change my engine oil, still I feel safe when i drive an extra 1000 or 2000 miles past my oil change interval. This motor oil is equipped with a formula that prevents deposits and sludge build-up which occurs after a long engine life.


The Quaker State is a synthetic blend motor oil with SAE 5W-20 viscosity. It is a less known motor oil but still it is pretty high-quality. This synthetic blend provides durable wear protection and reduces engine wear. What’s best about this motor oil is that is provides corrosion protection against harmful acids that are generated by engine contaminants. This motor oil is perfect for Ford Escape’s that are used for daily commutes, stop and go driving and high-speed highways.


How to Change Oil on Ford Escape

Needed Materials:

  • Engine oil
  • Drain pan
  • Jack and jack stands
  • 15 millimeter socket

Getting Started:

  1. Park your Ford Escape on a leveled ground.
  2. Leave the vehicle for 10-15 minutes to cool down.
  3. Raise the front side with a jack and place jack stands for support
  4. Locate the oil drain bolt (usually located under the vehicle in the front center).
  5. Remove the drain bolt and place the drain pan to collect the old engine oil.
  6. After all the oil is drained, reinstall the drain bolt.
  7. Open the hood and locate the oil cap.
  8. Remove the cap and pour the required amount of engine oil.
  9. Close the cap and leave the vehicle to rest for 10 minutes.
  10. Measure the level of engine oil with the dipstick.
Did you know that you don’t have to be a skilled mechanic to perform an oil change at home and save money? You can check out this beginner’s guide on how to change the engine oil at home without any special tools.

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