About Me

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting Car Fluid Guide.

My name is Ricky Miller. I am the owner and content creator of www.carfluidguide.com. I’ve worked as a car mechanic and a car detailer ever since I was 17, so I’ve become quite experienced when it comes to cars and how they work. I certainly know my way around an oil change!

My Background

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about cars. I was fascinated by how the engines work. My favorite and easiest task to do was changing oil. I can say for sure that over the years, I’ve become a specialist in not just oil, but all kinds of car fluids.

ricky miller

My Goal

I want to share all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years about car fluids. Stay tuned and stay informed with me.

My articles will include recommended engine oils, antifreeze, transmission fluids, and other fluids for all car make and models. I’ll also write a lot of great guides on everything you need to know about oil and other car fluids.

I will try to make my articles easy to understand and easy to follow.


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